How to Obtain the Cipher Pata in Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Obtain the Cipher Pata in Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide

Cipher Pata is one of the best Faith weapons in Elden Ring and can be found early on. The only downside is that it requires 30 Faith, making it easier to obtain late in your first playthrough.

It’s also an ideal choice for an Incantation caster build because of its quick attacks. This weapon is imbued with the Unblockable Blade ash of war, which charges its blade with light before sending out a piercing attack.

Kill Mad Tongue Alberich in Roundtable Hold

One of the most challenging enemies in Elden Ring is Mad Tongue Alberich. This invader spirit spawns in Roundtable Hold.

To start this fight, you need to jump down from the balcony of the central room at Roundtable Hold. Then it would help if you walked to the end of the room, where a red glowing figure will spawn.

Once the fight starts, you’ll need to engage him in melee combat. It’s best to attack him as he walks towards you or when he prepares to use his scythe, as it takes a while to charge up.

He’ll also use magic in the fight, so it’s essential to prioritize dodging his projectiles, which freeze players in place and make it challenging to move around. It’s also necessary to keep a distance from him, as this will prevent him from using his scythe and give you time to attack or heal.

Enter the room

In Elden Ring, Faith is one of the essential stats. It helps you cast incantations that can boost your overall performance during battle. This stat has a wide range of uses. Many players combine it with another stat like Strength or Dexterity to create powerful builds.

Cipher Pata is a Fist weapon that scales entirely with Faith and deals holy damage. This Fist is also unique since it has no weight and doesn’t deal physical damage, making it an excellent weapon for those looking to build a pure Faith or Faith-dominant build.

After killing Mad Tongue Alberich in Roundtable Hold, head through the doorway on the left side of the hall (left when facing the large double doors across the room opposite the balcony). Follow these rooms, and you will eventually find the Cipher Pata resting on a bed in the far corner.

Locate the Cipher Pata

The world of Elden Ring is an incredible place to explore. It’s a massive open world where you’ll encounter enemies, optional bosses, and many secrets to uncover.

As with most From Software games, getting to grips with the mechanics can be challenging. That’s especially true if you’re new to the developer’s take on open-world-level design.

However, there’s one feature of the game that’s easy to get your head around – fast travel. The open world of Elden Ring is significant. Sometimes you’ll want to skip over exploration and quickly move on to the following Site of Grace in the world.

For that reason, knowing how to locate the Cipher Pata is essential if you want a powerful weapon. 

Fast travel out of the room

Elden Ring has many unique weapons, but the Cipher Pata is incredibly cool. The Cipher Pata is a unique fist weapon that scales with Faith, deals Holy damage, and completely ignores shields. However, it has many drawbacks. For starters, it needs 30 Faith to wield.


Frequently Questioned Answers

What is the Cipher Pata in Elden Ring?

Fist Weapons are an excellent choice for players looking for an agile weapon to deal much damage. However, fist weapons come with a few drawbacks compared to other weapon classes in the game.

Why is the Cipher Pata valuable?

Faith builds in Elden Ring are centered around fire incantations (pyromancy). The best first weapon is one with significant ranged damage and attack speed.

However, the Cipher Pata has many disadvantages. It deals with Holy damage and breaks most enemy block attempts and poise.

Tips and Tricks for Obtaining the Cipher Pata in Elden Ring?

The Cipher Pata is one of the unique first weapons in Elden Ring. It scales with Faith and bypasses enemy armor, making it one of the best early-game weapons.

How to Use the Cipher Pata Effectively

One of the unique weapons in Elden Ring is the Cipher Pata. Unlike other early-game weapons that require completing quests, the Cipher Pata can be acquired with little to no attribute requirements.

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