Baxcalibur’s Weaknesses and Counters in Scarlet and Violet

Baxcalibur's Weaknesses and Counters in Scarlet and Violet

Baxcalibur is the modern addition to the list of extra-strong Dragon-type Pokémon found all over the franchise.As you might have noticed, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have many Pokemon to choose from. Not all of them are created equally; some are adorable and weak, while others are terrifying and powerful.

One of these is the pseudo-Legendary Baxcalibur, a dragon-type Pokemon with dual typing along with Ice. While it may not be canonically legendary, it is an interesting Pokemon that could be a game-changer.

Water Type Baxcalibur Weakness

Almost every Pokemon has one or two basic types, each with strengths and weaknesses. It’s easy to remember that water-type moves are strong against fire types, for example. However, it can get more confusing when there are dual-type Pokemon like Charizard.

It’s a great idea to learn the type advantages of your Pokemon, so you can build a team that works well together. Here’s a guide that breaks down the different Pokemon types in Scarlet and Violet so that you can select the best shape for your playstyle.

The Paldea region is home to a new ability called Terastallization, which allows some Pokemon to change their type during battle. During Terastallization, the type of an attacking Pokemon is replaced with its opposite, giving it a new advantage against Fire and Rock-types.

Electric Type Baxcalibur Weakness

Despite their high base HP and Attack stats, Electric-type Pokemon have one weakness in Scarlet and Violet: they take 2x damage from Ground attacks. It is a severe issue for both offensive and defensive purposes, as consequential Ground types can slow the Electrodes’ roll.

Thankfully, Baxcalibur has an exciting way of dealing with this problem: its Hidden Ability Ice Body makes it immune to damage from hail and regenerates HP when it’s snowing or hailing. Moreover, it can learn moves like Snowscape to counter other Ice types and their Hail weather condition.

While this makes it less suitable for clearing stories, it’s a healthy option for players looking to build a solid Ice Tera team in Scarlet and Violet. The best way to use it is to pair it with Wash Rotom, a strong Electric/Water Pokemon with balanced stats and effective against Rock-type Pokemon.

Grass Type Weakness

Grass and Water are two basic types, which put Pokemon at an advantage or disadvantage in battle. Pokemon with “super effective” attacks against a specific type (like Fire-type moves that deal double damage) are advantageous. In contrast, those with “not very effective” aggression against a kind (like Water-type moves that only deal half the damage) are disadvantaged.

It is one of the most important aspects to remember when battling, as each type has its strengths and weaknesses. These advantages and disadvantages affect how Pokemon interact with other Pokemon of that type and how to counter them.

Baxcalibur is a dual Dragon/Ice-type Pokemon, which makes it an excellent counter against Water, Electric, and Grass-type moves. However, it’s fragile to Fairy and Steel-types, taking double their damage.


Dragon Type Weakness

Pokemon are categorized into one or two types that determine their strengths and weaknesses in battle. They also have immunities and resistance that work against specific opponents.

It cannot be easy to keep track of the many different types of combinations that are available in the Pokemon gameing. That’s why understanding the strengths and weaknesses of every Pokemon type is essential.

The type system in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is more complex than in previous titles. In addition to being able to Terastalize Pokemon, players can now see a complete list of their basic types and the moves they are effective.

For instance, Dragon-type Pokemon are weak against Fairy-types and can only take half the damage from Fire-type attacks. However, they are super effective against Flying- and Grass-type Pokemon and can take additional damage from Ice-type attacks.

Fairy Type Weakness

Baxcalibur is the latest pseudo-legendary Pokémon to appear in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This Dragon/Ice-type Pokemon has impressive stats, but it has some weaknesses worth keeping in mind.

The most significant weakness is that Baxcalibur is weak to Fairy-types and Steel-types. It will take double the damage from these types, and you won’t want to use any Fire-type moves against it.

It is why it is best to use a Fairy type or Steel Pokemon as counters to Baxcalibur. These Pokemon can KO Baxcalibur with their Gigaton or Play Rough attacks.

You can also use a Fire Tera type on Baxcalibur to give it an extra power boost to its Fire-type moves. It will increase its attack and allow it to deal with more Pokemon types.

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